ADR Committee Arbitration Workshop on the topic International commercial arbitration - basic concepts & emerging issues on 09.02.2023

ADR Committee at St. Joseph’s College of Law organised a workshop on the topic International commercial arbitration - basic concepts & emerging issues that took place on 9th February at 12 PM in the AV room.

The chosen guest of honour was Ms. Pavithra, a Christ University professor. After the introduction was done by Roshini V, Student convenor, ADR Committee, Father Reverend Jerald D’Souza SJ talked on the importance of ADR mechanism and the pros of extrapolating ADR mechanism to a global and international scale, which swerved the participants attention more on the topic and made them more compliant than expected. Then the Speaker was introduced by Sameeksha, Student Convenor, ADR Committee.

Then the keynote speaker began her presentation and the presentation included elaborate case laws and how the international arbitration works and the scope of international commercial arbitration and the practicality of it was discussed. She had discussed a lot on substantive procedural law in practical scenarios and she discussed which clauses were bad AKA unproductive arbitration clauses. And she introduced three new components of a substantial arbitration agreement which are seat, venue and place that is crucial in any case and we will be lost without it.

She had elaborated that the venue does not bring about any legal obligations or implications rather it is simply a convenient place to host the event. She clarified all the doubts that the participants festered and concluded the workshop with a bang as she was approached by several students on the way she handled the workshop. This concluded the workshop on international commercial arbitration.

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