SJC Law Review is the flagship journal of St. Joseph's College of Law, Bengaluru. With a quest to advance legal scholarship through original research and foster intellectual discourse among students, SJC Law Review was founded in the year 2021 as a biannual online journal with publications in June and December every year.

The focus of SJC Law Review is to strengthen legal debates and serve as a platform for lawyers and scholars to critically engage in socio-legal issues. As a larger goal of addressing challenges and emerging trends in legal education, SJC Law Review in its online format serves as a bridge between evidence based and rights based research to help the reader make informed decisions and generate ideas of introspection and progress.

● Reasoned thought process and quality research
● Freely disseminate our research findings and advocate active communication
● Collaborative framework with institutions and people to supplement findings

● Methodology (Quality research of highest standards)
● Perspective & Content (Rights Based)
● Advocacy (Praxis Based)

SJC Law Review solicits scholarly contributions in the months of January and July every year.

The last date for submission of papers is as follows :
January-June Issue : 15th January
July-December Issue : 15th July

SJC Law Review follows the Harvard Bluebook (20th edition) citation style
Email for submission of Papers :

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