AICUFERS visit to "Good Quest Foundation'' on 19th December 2022

The AICUFERS of SJCL along with "Good Quest Foundation '' and various other NGOs celebrated their Christmas with Juvenile Kids at Community on residency road, Bangalore. The anticipation and preparation for Christmas celebration with the juveniles for 19th of December 2022 was started a week back by practicing and organizing the event by the members of AICUF. The members actively participated in the practice sessions and eagerly waited to share their time and joy with their little friends from the juvenile home as the theme for the event was "joy of sharing".

The event started at 4PM by welcoming the little children at the gate. The AICUFERS stood on either side of the entrance and welcomed the young souls by clapping and applauding at their arrival. It was a joyous moment to witness the wholesome smile on each child's face. As the AICUFERS and the juveniles entered the seating area they were introduced and welcome to venue by the director of the juvenile home Mr. Sandy. The AICUFERS welcome the children by singing the song "feliz navidad" as the children join by following the action.

The famous mime of "the SIN Chair" was enacted before the kids to share the message for the season. The purpose of this mime was to pass on the message to the juveniles that Jesus was born into this world to forgive man of his sins and that there is hope in Jesus. The children happily applauded, and the mime was an ensemble to their eyes. Carol singing by other AICUFERS of SJCL lead by president Madhumika, was entertaining as the children joined in singing and dancing later. Joseph the secretary of AICUF SJCL taught the young children a new action song in African language. The children were overjoyed that they learnt a new action song.

The day concluded with a dance where the children and AICUFERS danced and enjoyed the day. Community restaurant offered an Italian snack to the AICUFERS and a wholesome supper to the Juveniles. The Christmas spent with the juveniles was the best way to end the year of 2022.

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