Environmental Law and Climate Justice Committee - Panel discussion on Climate education and COP 28

The Environmental Law and Climate Justice Committee of St.Joseph's College of Law conducted a panel discussion on “Climate education and COP28” along with our esteemed panelists Ms.Sunayana Ganguly and Mr.Jai Warrier on 20.12. 23

Students of the college engaged actively by proposing questions and ideas intrigued by the subject along with the panelists in the discussions. The students were educated on various topics such as climate action, impacts of climate change, sustainable consumption, initiating policy making and many more. Ms. Sunayana Ganguly spoke about the various skill sets that one must acquire to tackle modern day issues regarding climate change. Mr. Jai Varrier spoke about the developments at the COP 28 and how the student community can align with the efforts taking place in the international level. The discussion helped students delve deeper into the thought of climate action for the world, sustainable development and working together to make things better. It was an educating, fun, interactive session amongst the teachers, students and panelists.

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