Online Certificate Course on the ‘Fundamentals of Law’
December, 2021 and concluded in February, 2022

The Legal Aid Cell conducted an online certificate course on the ‘Fundamentals of Law’ for over 70 students from Manvi, Bijapur, Sindhagi regions of Karnataka. The course commenced in December, 2021 and concluded in February, 2022. Classes were held from 6:00 to 7:30pm every Saturday and Sunday on Zoom.

An orientation session was held on 4 th December, 2021 by Fr. Jerald D’souza SJ. This was followed by a lecture on ‘An Introduction to the Indian Constitution’ and ‘Fundamental Rights and Duties’ by Advocate Umashankar on 5 th December, 2021. ‘Laws relating to marriage, divorce and maintenance of Hindus’ was dealt with on 11 th and 12 th December, 2021 by Mr. Anil D’souza. Mr. Prajwal was the resource person for 19 th December, 2021 on the topic ‘Registration of Births and Death Act, 1986’. The 2022 commenced on 2 nd January, 2022 with a lecture on ‘Laws relating to marriage, divorce and maintenance of Mohammadans’ by Mr. Umashankar. This was followed by sessions on ‘Laws to Christian marriage and divorce’ and ‘Laws relating to Hindu marriage and divorce’ by Ms. Ransa Vasanti on 8 th and 9 th January, 2022 respectively. The topic of ‘SC and ST laws’ was covered by social activist, Mr. Shivamani on 16 th and 22 nd January, 2022. On 23 rd January, the topic ‘Motor Vehicles Act’ was taught by Mr. Prajwal. Following this, Ms. Ransa Vasanti conducted sessions on ‘Laws relating to Adoption- Hindu, Muslim and Christian laws’, ‘Laws relating to will- Hindu, Muslim and Christian laws’, ‘Concepts of Probate, and Power of attorney’, and ‘Intestate succession Hindu, Muslim and Christian laws’ on 29 th January, 30 th January, 5 th February and 6 th February, 2022 respectively. Mr. Umashankar addressed students on the concepts of complaint, FIR and charge sheet on 12 th February.

The course successfully concluded on 20 th February, 2022 with a final session on the topic, ‘Free Legal Aid’ by Mr. Gaurav Ramakrishna. It is a matter of great joy to the Legal Aid Cell that the participants showed enthusiastic participation throughout the course and immensely benefitted from it.

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