Environmental law and climate justice committee - Gratitude day
24th of January 2024

The St. Josephs college of law celebrated the gratitude day on the 24th of January. This was a day for the students of the college to show their gratitude to the support staff in the college. It was a day to celebrate their presence in the college and fully acknowledge the work that they are doing. As message to show gratitude, the students cleaned up the college for a day. The students also gave a handwritten card and roses as a token of gratitude to the support staff in the college.

This day was also a day for students to reflect on their past practices of keeping the college clean and environment friendly. The students also used environmental friendly decoration items to decorate their classrooms. This was also an inter-class competition. The top three classes also bagged prizes for the same. Overall, it was an energy packed day with great student participation!

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