Report on MCS Workshop- 2022 27th January, 2022

The Moot Court Society of St Joseph’s College of Law conducted its first event for the academic year 2021-2022 on Thursday, 27th January 2022. It was a one-day workshop on the ‘Basics of Mooting’.

The event started with the Director of SJCL, addressing students about the importance of mooting and the necessity to foster such a culture at SJCL. He also declared the Moot Court Society officially open for the academic year 2021-2022. Then Principal Ms. Pouline Priya addressed the audience and gave a speech about the importance of mooting in the LLB course. Following this was the next session dealt with by Joe Ann John (IV BA.LLB) and Simi Zacharia (III LLB) on ‘Methods of Research’. They gave an extensive presentation on which sources to refer to for research during moot court competitions, the use of Manupatra, different ways in which citations can be written and how to approach a moot proposition for research.

Subsequently, the next session was presented by Rishabh Jain (IV LLB) on the ‘Important Tenets of Drafting’. He walked the participants thoroughly through every component that needs to be added while drafting a memorandum/memorial i.e from the cover page to the Prayer. He also invited the audience to answer a few questions in order to engage them in the session. The successive session was on ‘Essentials of Mooting’ and ‘Procedures for Oral Rounds’ conducted by Himali Sylvester and Diksha Garg (V BA.LLB). Firstly, the session touched upon the importance of mooting and the different moots that one can participate in. Then, a detailed account of what procedures to follow during oral rounds such as dress code, court language, manner of speaking, Dos and Dont’s, were conspicuously presented.

In the final session, a demo moot (Prolusio Moot) was organized to make students understand the nuances of an actual moot court competition. Vijayshri and Tharun Rao (III BA.LLB) participated in the Prolusio Moot, each representing the Petitioner and Respondent, respectively. The proposition of their demo moot was essentially based on the marital rights of transgender persons. The judges for the session were the faculty coordinators, Prof. Thomas Andrews and Prof. Sudeep Sudhakaran. With the end of this session, the first event of the Moot Court Society came to a close. Most students and members of the audience actively asked questions throughout the session and gave positive feedback.

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