Moot court basics workshop from 3rd December to 10th December, 2022.

Moot Court Committee organised Moot Court Basics Workshop from 3rd December, 2022 to 10th December, 2022. The workshop was organised for all the first-year students. The objective of the workshop it to expose students to the basics of mooting and drafting and to acquaint the students with moot court competitions and oral rounds.

Teachers involved in judging the demo moot Prolusio
1. Mr. Monosijo
2. Mr. Moses
3. Ms. Shobha
4. Ms. Jyothi

Sessions of the workshop
Part 1 - 3rd and 5th of December

1. Essentials of mooting 2. Reading the problem 3. Research for moots 4. Drafting of memorandum

Part 2 - 9th and 10th December
1. Review of the memo
2. Demo moot- Prolusio
3. How to argue

Speakers of the sessions
Part 1

1. Essentials of mooting- Mamatha, Vishnu, Adithya, Alana
2. Reading the problem- Umar, Sumedh, Ishtisham, Madiha
3. Research for moots- Venkatesh, Michael, Allen, Manvi
4. Drafting for memo- Ananya, Ifda, Mamatha, Adithya

Part 2
1. Review of the memo- Mamatha, Ifda, Adithya, Krithika
2. Demo moot Prolusio- Ayaan, Adithya, Sanjna, Leesa, Neeraj, Shriya, Abdur
Court Clerks- Anjum, Kavyashwini, Smruthi, Komal
3. How to argue- Neeraj, Michael, George, Sainath

Highlights of the sessions
● The first part of the workshop was conducted for 1 B.A.LL.B-A, 1 B.A.LL.B-B, 1 B.Com.LL.B, 1 B.B.A.LL.B on 3rd December from 9am - 12 pm with an average of 35 students present in each class

● The first part of the workshop was conducted for 1 LL.B students on 5th December from 12.30-3pm with 48 students present.

● The second part of the workshop with the demo moot was conducted on 9th December for 1 BA LLB A students and on 10th for 1 B.A.LL.B-B, 1 B.B.A.LL.B, 1 B.Com.LL.B, 1 LL.B students with an average of 28 students in each class.

● The students were given hard copies of the moot problem on the day of workshop for their reference.

● The students were given homeworks in the first part of the workshop and they were reviewed subsequently. They engaged in discussions actively. They reached out to the speakers with doubts and queries which were clarified accordingly.

● The students were given evaluation sheets and feedback forms to fill towards the end of the workshop.

Results of the evaluation and feedback form
Towards the end of the workshop, the feedback and evaluation forms were filled by the students. The evaluation form had questions such as:

1. What are your 3 key takeaways from the sessions?
2. What are the 3 biggest challenges for moot court research?
3. Name the 5 main parts of a memorial
4. What are the 3 best practices while arguing in a moot court competition?
5. Write any 3 courtroom etiquettes.

To which all the students have given a positive response involving correct answers to all the questions given. All the participants expressed their eagerness in being a part of the moot court panel and building the moot court culture in SJCL.

Assessing the evaluation forms, one can arrive at the conjecture that the students have evidenced their keen interest in learning the nuances of the moot court. Quite expectedly, they lack the knowledge about the technical and procedural aspects of Mooting, which in due course of time, the MCS plans to inculcate within them. Engagement in various activities like workshops for drafting, arguments,mock moots and Intra-moot competition has been found to be satisfactory. Building upon this initial substratum, a deeper understanding of mooting must be ingrained within the students through regular workshops and interactive activities. Over and above the already scheduled AMCC, IRR and other such allied activities, the MCS plans to nurture the culture of Mooting in SJCL by inspiring the students to be a part of the Moot Court activities.

The Moot Court Society expresses its gratitude to the Director and the Principal of SJCL for their guidance and support. The Moot Court Society also thanks all the faculty members who helped in judging the demo and giving their valuable tips to the students.

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