Mount Carmel College conducted a fest keeping “STAUROS” as the theme on October 29th 2021. Many colleges participated the event enthusiastically. We had to do online registration for the events that we were supposed to participate. We AICUFER’S have represented St. Joseph’s college of Law in several events.

Madhumika (2nd BA LLB) participated in “Soldiers for Christ” Austin(3rd BA LLB), Delisha(1st BA LLB) and Sneha(1st BA LLB) participated in the bile quiz. Natania(1st BA LLB) and Bhuvana (1st BBA LLB) participated in Treasure hunt.

Jomey(1st LLB) and Shreyas(1st BBA LLB)participated in photography.

Hansini(1st BA LLB )participated in sketching competition.

Sania((1st BA LLB), Vimala Mary(1st BBA LLB) and Hansini(1st BA LLB) participated in collage making.

Shanat(1st BA LLB) and Ronak (3rd LLB)participated in Vernacular singing.

All the events were organized in different venues with a particular time limit.

valedictory function was conducted at the end of the day and the winners were announced. Sania(1st BA LLB), Vimala Mary(2nd BBA LLB) and Hansini(1st BA LLB) won the 2nd place for collage making.

Sneha(1st BA LLB) and Austin(3rd BA LLB) won the 2nd place for face painting.

Jomey(2nd LLB) won the 2nd place for photography and Shreyas(1st BBA LLB) won the 3rd place for photography.

Once each event got over the participants started helping the other team members for the upcoming events. With the coordination and cooperation of all the team members we were able to win the 4 prizes.

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