National Service Scheme – Orientation by Dr Govinda Gowda HG on 06.12.2022

On the 6th December 2022, student-volunteers of National Service Scheme at St. Joseph’s College of Law were introduced to their role as members of the NSS committee. The orientation was led by Dr Govinda Gowda HG, NSS coordinator for Bangalore Central University.

The talk revolved around the vital role of today’s youth in the National Service Scheme. He began by explaining the various goals of the said scheme, such as understanding the needs of a society and developing the skills needed to mobilize community participation.

Dr Govinda Gowda strongly believes that in every NSS student, there is a leader. He urged the students to become individuals should grasp every opportunity that comes their way. He also stressed the importance of reading and listening, in order to truly understand the needs of people and effect change in the community. The power of creating a network through various experiences and communication shown through, as students were exposed to the true meaning of a value education. They were taught that it is not merely marks that create value, rather education must include self-development and community upliftment.

Students additionally reflecting on the various kinds of programs and activities, would soon organize as members of the NSS committee. They were left inspired by the most recent efforts of their fellow NSS members during the COVID 19 Pandemic, proving that even in adversity a true member of the NSS stands by the moto “Not me, but you”

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