Report on Republic Day Celebrations

St Joseph’s College of Law celebrated the 75th Republic Day with great enthusiasm and patriotic fervor, as the National Service Scheme (NSS) committee organized a memorable program to commemorate this significant day in our nation's history.

The event commenced with the hoisting of the National flag by the college security personnel Mr Vishwanath. The Tricolour soared high against the backdrop of the college and sky, symbolizing the spirit of unity and freedom. The entire gathering, including students, faculty, and staff stood in solemn tribute as the National anthem echoed through the air, filling the atmosphere with a sense of pride and devotion we share as citizens of India.

A thought-provoking speech by Miss Pauline Priya, Principal, shed light on the significance of Republic Day and its relevance in contemporary times. She emphasized the values enshrined in the Constitution and quoted “Let’s build our nation as one India as – as the Constitution envisions”. The college Director, Fr. Jerald D’Souza was then invited to share his thoughts on the occasion. His address focused on the parallel between the dedication and the commitment required in upholding the ideals of the Republic. His presence added a unique dimension to the celebration, emphasizing the importance of every individual's role in contributing to the nation and urged the students to contribute actively to the nation-building process.

In collaboration with the college cultural committee, a captivating display of patriotic songs and dance was presented by students, reinforcing the core values of the Republic.

Following the cultural extravaganza, the NSS committee organized a bike rally as part of the event, with enthusiastic participants showcasing their patriotism on two wheels.

Decorated bikes, adorned with the national flag paraded through the college campus and surrounding areas. The rally not only added an adrenaline-pumping spectacle to the celebration but also served as a unique and engaging way to express the fervor of the Republic Day spirit and this hands-on involvement reflected the NSS motto, "Not Me, But You," promoting a sense of social responsibility.

The Republic Day celebration reached its conclusion on a communal note with a heartfelt breakfast for all gathered. This shared meal not only fostered a sense of togetherness but also provided an opportunity for participants to reflect on the day's events and the values it encapsulated. Later, the NSS committee extended a vote of thanks to faculty, staffs, participants, and volunteers, expressing gratitude to the College Security Personnel for their dedicated service and to all involved for making the Republic Day 2024 celebration truly memorable.

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