VISIT TO THE KSHRC On 12th January 2023

On 12th January 2023, the students of II-year LLB of St. Joseph’s College of Law were presented with the unique opportunity of visiting the Karnataka State Human Rights Commission. The aim of this visit was to sensitize and allow the students to learn about the real-life obstacles faced by the organization on its path to protect, preserve and promote human rights. The Karnataka State Human Rights Commission has come into existence under Human Rights Protection Act, 1993, on 25/7/2007. Its members constitute:

1) Hon’ble Shri Justice D.H.Waghela, Chief Justice (Retd.) Karnataka, Odisha and Mumbai High Courts – As Chairman (since 12/3/2018)
2) Shri Rupak Kumar Dutta, I.P.S. Retired Director General and Inspector General of Police), Member (since 26/2/2018)
3) Shri K.B.Changappa, Retired District and Sessions Judge, Member (since 19/2/2018)

The students. accompanied by Dr. Sneha Balaraj, Vice Principal of SJCL and Prof. Sangeetha Thomas, class mentor of II Year LLB were met by Mr. Rupak Kumar Dutta, IPS. A man of impeccable stature, and a prolific human rights advocate, he went on the brief the students about the emergence of human rights and its correspondence to the Indian Constitution. Mr. Dutta explained about how the Commission is responsible for spreading human rights awareness amongst the masses and encouraging the efforts of all stake holders in the field of human rights literacy. He went on to state that the NHRC, the parent organization of the KSHRC is a unique institution because it is one of the few National Human Rights Institutes (NHRIs) in the world whose chairperson is the former Chief Justice of the country. The world looks at NHRC of India as a role model in promoting and monitoring effective implementation of promotion and protection of human rights.

The students had a healthy discussion with Mr. Dutta about how the Indian Constitution guarantees protection of human rights through the fundamental rights provided in Articles 12 to 35 with special emphasis laid of Article 21. The session was wound up with a healthy Q&A exercise where it was discussed how the SHRC is more efficient in carrying out its duties than the lay person realizes. This was followed up by a photo session to conclude the visit. This visit proved to be very fruitful in regards with sensitizing the students about real world issues and turned out to be an eye-opener for everyone involved.

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