Workshop on Antifragile, Reconceptualizing stress as a way to improved well-being on November 30, 2022

“.. what does not break you makes you stronger, what breaks you gives you a chance to reinvent.”

On November 30, the mental health club organized a workshop; Antifragile, Reconceptualising stress as a way to improved wellbeing.

We gathered to learn from Dr. Sowmya Puttaraju that while we cannot control what stress awaits us in life, we can be prepared to meet, learn and benefit from it. Inspired by Naseem Taleb’s conceptualization of building Antifragility – the nature of benefiting from stress. Select Positive psychology concepts & CBT techniques was presented to imbibe and practice Antifragility as a way of achieving improved wellbeing in the face of stress and not despite it. Dr. Puttaraju also answered some questions from students on how to handle stress and other issues they seem to face in their life. It was an interactive workshop which proved to be impactful.

It was a privilege to listen to Dr. Puttaraju, who has a MPhil and PhD in Psychology and a trained psychotherapist from Albert Ellis Institutions, USA.

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