Workshop ondebating 17/01/2022

The SJCL Debate Committee organized a debating workshop on 17/01/2022. Mr. Raghav Rajeev, advocate at Madras High Court and an excellent debater with many awards to his name facilitated the session detailing the usefulness of debating in everyday life as well as in their academic life. The workshop focused on both the speaking and the adjudicating skills that one must have to participate in a parliamentary debating competition and students interacted with Mr. Raghav clearing their doubts on methods of preparation, themes on which students must read and the different strategies that one can use in their argumentation. Throughout the session questions where raised on preparation for debating, the specific roles of the different speakers in the debate, the flow of the debate, Points of Information and more. Mr. Raghav was able to answer these questions effectively wrapping the session up with tips on overcoming Stage fright, and his experience with the friendships he has built through debating.

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