Inauguration of NSS Cell 23-03-2022

The National Service Scheme is an initiative of the Government of India through the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports. It provides an opportunity to students of 11th, 12th, undergraduate and post-graduate students to take part in various community service, activities and programmes. On 23rd March 2022, St. Joseph’s College of Law hosted the inauguration programme for the NSS Committee. To commemorate the occasion, we hosted Mr. Ashok TA, who delivered an inspiring speech on “Involvement of Youth in the National Service Scheme”. He discussed the general principles of the NSS and its functions coupled with his personal experiences in the field which broadened our outlook and cleared misconceptions on the topic. His speech proved as an overview on the ground reality of the role of the NSS and what the students should be prepared for. The Committee, on this good note, wishes to reach great heights and be of service to the society with every opportunity it gets.

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