Kairos 2022

The interclass football tournament held between 21st of June 2022 to the 24th of June 2022 held at the grounds of the St. Joseph’s college of arts and sciences, was one to remember. The tournament featured an elimination system for both men and women teams from each class, creating an exciting dynamic for class participation. We discovered new talents and amazing participation from all classes with a huge interest in seeing their class win the tournament.

Here are the standings as follows –

4th BBA – WINNERS (left Picture) 2nd BBA – WINNERS (right picture)
2nd BBA – RUNNERS (second left picture) 4th BCOM – RUNNERS (second right picture)
3rd BBA – THIRD PLACE (Third left picture) 3rd BBA – THIRD PLACE

During the same day as football the St. Joseph’s College of art and sciences ground also saw intense competition between the women at the Kairos annual interclass throwball championship. The women took the field with extreme vigor and good spirits determined to bring the cup home to their class. The tournament was designed much like the football championship with an elimination style with each team competing to stay in the running for the cup.

Here are the standings as follows –
4th BCOM – WINNERS (left picture)
5th BA – RUNNERS (right picture)

The last event for this leg of the Kairos interclass sports was volleyball. One sport, that much like football, was played by every class. The stakes were high, each class bringing in their own unique playstyle. Sports veterans returned to a familiar ground to show who they are, while newer entries into the sport highlighted on this sport being anyone’s cup to win. The matches went into the late evening of 24th of June 2022 with the final matches being as engrossing as any other tournament.

Here are the standings –
4th BBA – WINNERS (Right picture)
4th BCOM – RUNNERS (Bottom picture)
3rd BCOM – THIRD PLACE (Bottom-right picture)

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