Public policy Cell - Interactive session with Policy practioner on 23rd Nov 2022

The public policy club of the St. Joseph’s College of Law conducted an interactive session on 23rd November 2022 about the government policy working system. The session mainly focused on government policy working system and the resource person was Mr. Upendra Dwivedi An alumnus of Tata Institute of Social Sciences and National Law School of India University, Mr. Upendra was formerly associated with PWC India as an Economics and Public Policy Consultant. His research and professional interests lie at the intersection of Public Policy and Sustainability, Climate Change Mitigation, Circular Economy and Waste Management. He is currently working as a manager at Trashcon, Bengaluru. This event was attended by the fellow students of SJCL.

In an engaging session on how the Government functions in India the resource person namely discussed about three Governments i.e., Telangana, Gujrat, Rajasthan Government. Through his experience with the above-mentioned Governments, his insights were that huge chunk of Government work is done by consultant firms. Additionally, he spoke about EOBD reforms and DPIT trying to come out with new reforms in order to promote the emerging businesses by Telangana Government. With respect to Gujarat Government various aspects such as REGULATORY COMPLIANCE BURDEN and following to that, brief understanding about Electronic Reverse Auction [ Public Procurement] of Rajasthan Government and also gave his insights about the career aspects of public policy which helped the students to critically think about the strong civil society. In his opinion, good work does happen but it is often individual driven rather than enabled or encouraged by the process and systems. At the end of the session the resource person engaged in clarifying the doubts of the students and encouraged them to pursue in the field of public policy making.

In this fruitful session, the students have realized the ability to add on few skills to possess for public policy and believed that they can make things happen if they follow what they want to achieve. On the reality of public policy making, the symmetrical relationship between public policy and growth, importance of local bodies. It also gave insights on the day-to-day life of a public policy maker and their day-to-day challenges. Overall, the interactive session was beneficial to the students, with a view about the functioning of the different State Governments.

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